3 Retail Dilemmas Simplified

Retailers are paying premium rates for every square foot of space, whether it is utilised or not. Many of our customers are now using the Euroswift Mini Tanker modular system to address 3 specific pain points. So much so that the Mini Tanker system has quickly become one of our most popular products globally, used by some of the world's biggest retail names. Let's look at these 3 challenges and how these retailers are solving them.

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1. Inconvenient Pillars

If you have them, then you're nodding your head already. Large pillars in the middle of your shop floor take up space, providing no return. You could create a custom fitting, but then you're locked into a configuration - possibly an expensive one. Retailers are now using the Mini Tanker to create a pillar wraparound, sized to suit their latest promotions. 

Limited floor area around a pillar? See how this can be solved with DMX Modular Display

2. Ever-changing Gondola Ends

What we do at the gondola end can often make or break a retailer's week (or more!) Get your latest promotions onto the gondola end, arranged to attract the customer, and you're well on the way to a successful sales drive. However, it's common to be bogged down here, with inflexible fixtures and complicated arrangements dictating the presentation. Retailers are now stacking the Mini Tankers and using a variety of leg sizes to create custom platforms at the gondola end - platforms that present goods attractively, making your merchandise the hero of the display, without having to put an excessive amount of stock on the floor
Mini Tanker Gondola Example

3. Quick! We need to promote now!

Stock arrives into your store... lots of promotional stock. It needs to be on the floor immediately - but there's not a fixture to fit it. With Mini Tankers, retailers can create their own stages - low-lying, elevated, tiered and over desired floor area - in minutes. No heavy components, no complicated construction, no high costs. Simply get set up, get selling, then reset for the next opportunity.

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Steve Nelson believes in incredible retail spaces that sustain communities. Steve is a Retail Display specialist, who has worked with iconic retailers across the globe. As leader of Euroswift Retail Creations in Australia, his focus is delivering solutions and techniques that help retailers develop dexterity at the shop floor, to predict the needs of their local community and react rapidly. Connect with Steve on LinkedIn





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