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Australian Made

From Where? Incoming Australian Country of Origin laws for Food Retailers

Fresh Food Labelling

The 2 year transition period to new Country of Origin labelling for food sold in Australia is almost halfway done. If you're not sure how this affects your business, check out this short government video. It's not the most exciting thing you'll do today - but in less than 3 minutes you'll be on top of it!

If you're selling fresh foods, the rules still apply. Once you've watched the video, click here to get the detailed style guide published by the Australian Government.

Compliance remains optional until July 1, 2018, but many manufacturers and retailers have commenced making changes to packaging. Point of sale signage will remain optional for some things and not for others. If you're unclear on how to make the transition in your business, get in touch and we'll help you understand your choices.

Selling something other than food? For more general information about Country of Origin and "Made in Australia"  - get the latest guidelines from the ACCC here

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