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Retail Agility on the 2017 Shop Floor

Retail Agility on the 2017 Shop Floor

In the last 12 months, many retailers have collapsed. In Australia, we’ve seen bulletproof brands disappear. It’s easy to throw up the “adapt or die” adage in Monday morning’s newspaper – but how do you take the lessons and avoid becoming next week’s story?

“Retail Agility” is a recent industry catchphrase, capturing the philosophy of rapidly adjusting to change to survive and prosper. There are many descriptions of what agility looks like and how to achieve it, which include some common denominators:

  • Organisational Culture and Outlook – embracing change at all levels of the business, as an ongoing creed
  • Technology - Implementing systems that increase the ability to respond to disruption and circumstance

Developing culture and implementing technologies are driven from the top. But how can we quickly react on the shop floor?

As I’m writing, I’m listening to the Test Cricket commentary. David Warner has hit an undefeated century before the lunch break on Day One, the first time this has ever been achieved in Australia. If I had an online sports merchandise store, I’d have David Warner merchandise front and centre on my home page already – minutes after the event. As a bricks and mortar retailer, could you do the equivalent just as quickly, getting ‘suddenly hot products’ in a prime position?

Take a different example – if a thunderstorm started right now, how quickly could you build a promotional umbrella display?

Your retail team can use simple modular systems to create displays quickly. This type of merchandising isn’t about beautiful fittings – instead, the ‘suddenly hot product’ is the hero of the display. Euroswift has created several adaptive systems for various settings: stages that can be constructed quickly; in-queue arrangements that can be reconfigured in moments; small fixtures that can change a standard shelf to a promotion display in seconds.

Culture, Vision and Technology are all essential components of becoming an Agile Retailer. While you’re working on the big things though, don’t forget the smaller things. Contact us today to see how you can implement simple adaptive merchandising systems to grow your retails sales.

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Steve Nelson believes in incredible retail spaces that sustain communities. Steve is a Retail Display specialist, who has worked with iconic retailers across the globe. As leader of Euroswift Retail Creations in Australia, his focus is delivering solutions and techniques that help retailers develop dexterity at the shop floor, to predict the needs of their local community and react rapidly. Connect with Steve on LinkedIn

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