Temperature Scanning Entry System Released Today

As movement restrictions relax and more sites reopen for business, new steps are necessary to protect workers, visitors and business. This week, Euroswift is proud to launch its new Temperature Scanning and Facial Recognition Entry System to Australian business.

These new entry gates work on a set of parameters chosen by the venue, to comply with government regulations in place, as well as establishing best practices. The video below, shot in our Euroswift regional offices, demonstrates just some of the ways that admission can be controlled with the inclusion of the facial scanner.

euroswift temperature scanning entry system

This new entry control system shown in the video detects body temperature and a correctly fitted mask before allowing access to a supermarket or other retail stores. With a variety of mounting options - including wall, counter stand and floor stand - the system can also be installed for:

  • hotels, restaurants and bistros
  • offices, banks, libraries and government buildings
  • hospitals and medical centres
  • entertainment precincts, sports venues and gyms
  • transport terminals
  • education facilities

Configuration options are plentiful. Some of the access parameters that you can set for your venue include:

  • body temperature - admission blocked if out of set range. An alarm or voice message will sound
  • face mask detection - admission allowed only when a mask is correctly fitted
  • facial recognition - the system allows storage of 30,000 faces. Access can be limited to recognised faces from a database (for example, employees only), or denied to specific people (for example, an employee that has been quarantined; or someone who has previously been denied entry). Recognition is up to 99.7% accurate, even when a surgical mask is worn
  • card scanning  - an optional scanner can be fitted to allow entry based on ID cards, barcodes or QR codes.

When using this system, you protect your staff, your visitors and ultimately your business. Controlling access to premises is a strong step to prevent the spread of infectious viruses and disease. Watch some of the functionality demonstrated here

Additional customisation of the system is possible for those requiring very specific solutions. For more information, contact the Euroswift Australia team.

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