VIDEO: All Bollards Are Not Created Equal

 Core drilled bollards have been popular - at first glance, it's solid protection at a low equipment price. Once it's time to install them, the costs start to mount up. Need to relocate? Then things get very messy! This video shows how to prepare for install of a core drilled bollard.

Now compare the photos on the left and the right? it's clear which is the core-drilled bollard - look at all that messy concrete work on the left! Now on the right - that's our McCue Flexcore Bollard. Much neater, right? And there's several other highlights...

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coredrilledbollard flexcorebollard

The McCue Flexcore Bollard - 

  • Installs in under 10 minutes with 3 hidden bolts
  • Patented absorption technology means impact is taken through the bollard - not your concrete. No cracking, no hazards and no expensive repairs
  • A rotating HDPE shell for designed to spin for glancing blows

No more holes to dig, no more concreting, no more painting - and your concrete floor is preserved. 

Not sure how strong it could be? Check out our product test below! And contact our Asset Protection team to find out more

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