VIDEO: Why So Strong? What goes on inside a Flexible Core Bollard


The McCue Flexcore Bollard is incredibly strong - in fact, here's a recent photo showing the Flexcore Bollard, paired with Flexible Core guard rails, protecting pylons at the airport terminal in Manchester. With the heavy vehicles moving around such a vital structure, only the toughest solution will do.

McCue Flexcore Bolalrd Airport

But why is it so strong? Here's a quick look at the inside workings of the Flexcore Bollard

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The Flexcore Bollard gets strength from - 

  1. A rotating HDPE Shell that deflects glancing blows
  2. A high tensile steel core
  3. Shock absorbing load ring
  4. Hardware that prevents concrete failure

So how strong is it really? Let's take a look at Testing Day!

Flexcore bollards in yellow are found in warehouses around the world, preventing expensive damage to structures, racking and concrete flooring. Here's another great application, where the bollards don't need to be so visible - here's more discrete asset protection at a Service Station. 

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