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Meet the CrashCore Bollard. This is no pipe in the ground - this is a clever piece of engineering designed for maximum strength, to save lives. 

Working with McCue Corporation, Euroswift has brought the CrashCore to Australia to help you protect your customers. So let's cut to the chase - it's designed to stop a 5000 pound vehicle - that's a Toyota Hilux plus change - travelling at 20 miles per hour (32 km/h). Check out this video, then read on for more of the details below

Here's how its 3 layer construction works  - 

  • On the outside is a marine-grade stainless steel cover, providing life-long corrosion resistance. Like something different? Of course you can customise!
  • The next layer is a synthetic rubber damper, which absorbs much of the impact energy
  • At the heart is a high-strength steel core with superior yield strength to a standard bollard.

Combine these facets and you have a bollard that absorbs energy, keeping both pedestrians and the driver safe.

Look below the surface and you'll see some of the magic. Install is made simple with pre-assembled footings. Installing from scratch at a new site? A long cage with height guides is the go. Need to protect an existing site with a minimum of disruption? Our ductile iron frame needs no rebending on site and only needs 300mm depth. 

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