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Euroswift has your material handling areas covered too. McCue Corporation (USA) has created outstanding solutions with patented shock absorption technology to protect people, equipment and racking in warehouses and distribution centres, available now in Australia from Euroswift.

Contact us to arrange your free site audit, so that the next collision doesn't bring your business to an expensive halt.


deflector post


A selection of durable and innovative bollards offer total protection for your warehouse. Bollards that spin, absorb and deflect all sorts of trouble - all while maintaining the integrity of the floor. See the action video here



Shock absorbing rack guards, rack mounted guards and rack end protection - your corners, columns and ends are all safe and sound. Watch the video here - or start protecting your racking straight away and order your guards here

Pedestrian Barriersq


Pedestrian Barriers that absorb heavy blows, Crash Barriers protecting equipment and high strength column guards. Modular solutions that install quickly and easily. Have a look at the new Flexcore Guardrail video here