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Know Your Plastics

Know Your Plastics - Acrylic vs Polystyrene

All plastics are not created equal. What one is better? What plastic suits your purpose? Are the prices the same? Over the coming weeks, we will look at the choices that face you.

Today, let's look at two different transparent plastics - PMMA, commonly known as Acrylic, and Polystyrene (PS)


  • High transmissivity (allows light to transmit)
  • Excellent scratch resistance (so often used on reading glasses)
  • Higher pricing


  • Slight colouring over time, transaprency is slightly less
  • Less impact strength (consider weight and stability of products on display)
  • Lower pricing

Consider the perimeter fencing used on Euroswift Promo Stage and Promo Wagons. We offer both plastics as options. Acrylic, while more expensive, would be a better choice for irregular shaped products with some weight (eg - fruit), as there may be direct impact on the fencing as products fall down the display. On the other hand, if lighter boxed product was on display, polystyrene would be a suitable choice.

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Front Stopper for Promo Wagon

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Steve Nelson believes in incredible retail spaces that sustain communities. Steve is a Retail Display specialist, who has worked with iconic retailers across the globe. As leader of Euroswift Retail Creations in Australia, his focus is delivering solutions and techniques that help retailers develop dexterity at the shop floor, to predict the needs of their local community and react rapidly. Connect with Steve on LinkedIn

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