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About Us

All About Euroswift Australia

Here's the answers to the hard-hitting questions people are asking about us!

What Does Euroswift Do?

Our business has changed with our customers as we've got to know you all better. We now spend most of our time helping businesses display and present fresh and prepared food - beautifully, efficiently and safely. We do that with fantastic displayware and tablewarecustom ticketing and accessories, digital and printed signage, fitout equipment and other items you might need around your business.

How Big Is Euroswift?

We feel we offer Australian businesses the best of both worlds. Here, we are a smaller business, so when a customer calls and says "Hi, it's Sue again" - we pride ourselves on knowing just who Sue is! We started trading in Rowville, in Melbourne's eastern suburbs, in late 2016. It was a humble start, subletting a building, then offsite storage. In November 2019, we moved into our new building and our brand new showroom is under construction for a 2020 opening.

We're also part of the international Euroswift Group, founded in Singapore in 2008. Our central group is how we can bring customers the very best products with guarantee of quality. Our team is on the ground at manufacturing sites internationally, working with designers, engineers and production managers to create and deliver the products you want.

Who Are The People At Euroswift?

Steve Nelson is in charge of getting things done for you, the customer. Other times, he's sharing tips and stories on his LinkedIn page, riding hills on his mountain bike or yelling at the television when the Richmond Tigers are playing football.

Kim Nelson is in charge of everything behind the scenes, managing our office. She's also the designated supplier of cakes and treats, cooking and decorating up a storm. 

Our daughters help out too. Chelsea takes time out of her real estate career to join our trade shows, while Eliza combines her Grade 3 studies with her role as the Creative Director. You'll see some of her product photos pop up on our Instagram page - she takes it very seriously!

We're a family affair here in Melbourne.

What Is The Euroswift Group Of Companies?

Euroswift Holdings is based in Singapore and is a shareholder in the Euroswift sales companies located throughout Asia Pacific and the Middle East. Founded in 2008 by Group CEO, Thomas Tay (who doubles as in-house caterer), the central office designs our new solutions and appoints key regional partners.

We work with some leading international brands such as Dalebrook (UK) and McCue Corporation (USA) to bring their European and US solutions to our region.

The Singapore team also directs our Product Management function, including management of our manufacturing partners. Having feet on the ground at manufacturing sites is an essential element in providing high quality product made to correct specification. Between us, we make sure you are getting what you want, how and when you want it.