Display Wagons, Serving Counters, Walls... they all suffer from frequent bumps and scrapes. Euroswift now brings you McCue Bumper Rails made of polycarbonate - the material of choice for bulletproof glass, riot shields and sports helmets - to keep your fixtures in best condition. Best of all, the stunning design and colours turn a functional item into a design highlight.

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Greenguard 2-4


Incredibly popular worldwide, the versatile Greenguard bumper series gives you outstanding impact resistance, a beautiful aesthetic and is 100% recyclable. 

  • Four profile heights - 1", 2", 3' and 8" -cover many applications
  • Greenguard 3 and 8 styled with ribs to resist scratching
  • Simple installation - all parts snap together for a polished look 
  • High impact performance of PC exceeds PVC and ABS by 29% and 63%

See more about how Greenguard 3 protects several store areas from trolleys

Greenguard 1 Greenguard 2 Greenguard 3 Greenguard 8 Greenguard2-2 Greenguard 3-2


Streamline - just as it sounds. A sleek, low-profile bumper, it comes in both rigid and flexible (for curved surfaces) varieties. An excellent option for service counters and produce wagons

  • High impact resistance from its recycled polycarbonate construction
  • Low profile design keeps space free from merchandise area
  • 100% recyclable, chlorine-free 

Streamline  Streamline Flex


So you need maximum collision protection with slim design? This 50mm bumper uses a polycarbonate shock-absorbing mounting base beneath the brushed stainless steel profile. Installing in minutes, it sits flush and requires no maintenance. The modern look is perfect for retail environments, airports and hospitals.

  • Direct hits are distributed through the steel face then transferred to the PC base
  • Easy to install with a screwdriver and drill
  • All mounting hardware concealed by the stainless steel faceplate

Stainless Steel Bumper Stainless Steel Bumper Install

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