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Refrigeration Protection Stainless Steel Rail McCue Euroswift

Floor Rail Systems

Protect Your Valuable Assets with McCue CartStop Stainless Steel Floor-Mounted Rails from Euroswift Australia! 

🔍 Problem: Ever noticed the scuff marks and dents on your refrigerators and display cases? Those are the targets of collisions from pallet jacks, floor polishers, and shopping trolleys - costing you thousands in damages!

🛠️ Solution: Introducing CartStop Floor-Mounted Rails by McCue! These rails are not just for looks; they are your ultimate defense against accidental impacts. Say goodbye to constant repairs and hello to long-lasting protection for your investments.

⚙️ Why Choose Us: ⭐️ Durable & Stylish: Made of stainless steel, our McCue rails not only offer top-notch strength but also add a touch of elegance to your space. Protect your fixtures and walls in style! 🔧 Easy Installation: No need for costly contractors! Our modular rails are easy to install with standard connections, movable legs and simple fixing with the patented McCue Flange Anchor Kit, saving you time and money. 🔄 Versatile & Convenient: Need to replace, clean, or relocate the rails? It's a breeze with CartStop - providing flexibility for your changing needs.

🏢 Who Can Benefit: 🔨 Shopfitters & Builders: Ensure the safety and longevity of your client's high traffic spaces with McCue's reliable solutions. Stock is available to ship immediately from our Melbourne warehouse 🛒 Retailers: Protect your assets and maintain a polished appearance with these premium floor-mounted rails.

Upgrade your protection game with McCue CartStop Stainless Steel Floor-Mounted Rails today! 🛡️✨


Looking for something different? McCue Cartstop RE is a more colourful option for you. Contact us for pricing and lead times

⚙️ Key Features: 🔄 Double the Lifespan: Thanks to reversible bumpers, you get extended durability for long-lasting protection. 🛡️ Corner Protection: Opt for optional Rubber Corners to safeguard vulnerable corners from damage. 🧼 Easy Maintenance: Easily removable for quick and hassle-free cleaning to keep your store looking pristine. 🔄 Versatile Configuration: Roller Corners available to adapt the system to fit around any fixture shape seamlessly.

🎨 Customize Your Protection: 🌈 Color Variety: Choose from a range of colors to match your store's aesthetics while ensuring top-notch protection.


    Prepare for Heavy-Hitting Situations with CartStop Super! 🛡️🔥

    🔍 Problem: Dealing with frequent collisions from heavy equipment in high-traffic areas or warehouse-format stores? Protect your valuable assets with CartStop Super!

    🛠️ Solution: CartStop Super is your go-to solution for reliable protection in demanding environments. Designed to absorb and redistribute impact energy, it puts a stop to collisions from floor polishers, pallet trolleys, and other heavy equipment, giving you peace of mind.

    ⚙️ Key Benefits: 🔄 Impact Absorption: Safeguard your fixtures by absorbing and redirecting impact energy effectively. 🛡️ Asset Protection: Ensure your most valuable assets stay safe and secure from unexpected collisions. 🔧 Easy Installation: Quick and hassle-free install and removal with Flange Anchor Kits for convenience. 🌈 Customization: Tailor the color to match your store's aesthetics for a seamless blend with your environment. CartStop Super is made to order, so contact us for pricing and availability

    Still want more? Ask us about Square Stainless Rail and the new CartStop Flip!

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    Stainless Steel Floor Rail Kit - McCue

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