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Q: What's found 12-20cm above the floor in a supermarket? A: The big target on your refrigerators and display cases!

CartStop Super 5

We don't provide McCue Floor-mounted Rails just to look good (though they do) - they're very effective at extending the life of your valuable fixtures and fittings. It's not about one or two bumps - it's protecting your investment over and over again. A wayward pallet jack or floor polisher is easily deflected and potential damage costing you thousands of dollars is eliminated.

Whichever bump rail or floor bumper you choose, you'll find it easy to install. No concrete-mounted fixtures means no expensive contractor bills. 


The McCue Cart Stop RE from Euroswift looks fantastic and provides reliable protection in your store. Polycarbonate lengths - available in a range of colours - take decent hits, while the vulnerable corners are guarded by an innovative rubber corner that redirects impacts

  • Reversible bumpers give you double the life
  • Optional Rubber Corners provide corner protection
  • Removable for easy cleaning
  • Roller Corners available to configure system around any shape of fixture


  CartStop RE1  CartStop RE2


Why Stainless Steel? With no compromise on strength, it looks amazing. Sleek and clean in appearance, so that your fixtures, display cases and walls are protected in style. The durability and weather-resistance of stainless steel make this a suitable outdoor option too.


  • Easy install with the McCue Flange Anchor Kit cuts down costs
  • Polished stainless steel blends into store decor
  • Easily removed for replacement, cleaning or relocation

CartStop Stainless 1 CartStop Stainless 2


Expecting some seriously big hits? CartStop Super provides reliable protection suited to high traffic areas, warehouse-format stores and trolley storage areas.

  • Absorbs and redistributes impact energy while stopping floor polishers, pallet trolleys and other heavy equipment
  • Have peace of mind your most valuable assets are safe from collisions
  • Easy install and removal, using Flange Anchor Kits
  • Custom colour matching available

CartStop Super3  CartStop Super 2

Want to find out about the best fit for your locations? Contact Euroswift's Asset Protection team for further details

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