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Euroswift Display

Retail Flexibility Focus

The essence of Euroswift's Display Strategy is Retail Dexterity. We focus on products that help retailers to plan, adapt and react with controlled speed.

Think of all the times that the modern retailer has to quickly change a display - 

  • Stock has sold out
  • A competitor starts an unexpected promotion
  • Inventory delivery is late
  • There's too much stock and it has to be cleared
  • Something is short delivered

We have developed our own Euroswift solutions and partnered with leading providers from Europe and North America. Here's some examples of how we help you stay ahead, from minute to minute.

Displays - Fresh Produce Area

The Crossboard Display System lets you change your produce display in a snap. The Crossboard Base is built into our produce wagons or provided on its own display stand to sit in your refrigerated cases. Accessories slot straight into this. Dividers to create neat horizontal and vertical partitions. Long supporting hooks to lift baskets closer to your customer. Risers to fill space when stocks are lower. The hardest part? Making a choice!

DMX Modular Display System

The queue is the last place to make a sale. Keeping this area fluid, with relevant and timely merchandise, you can engage repeat customers over and over. With Euroswift's DMX Display System, switch quickly with accessories that fit onto interchangeable grid, slat and flat shelf to accommodate merchandise of all shapes and sizes.

Arranging The Shelf

Sometimes simple solutions are the best. With Euroswift Convenience Dividers, goods on a metal shelf can be arranged in under 2 minutes. Or use our innovative magnetic 3-tier riser to instantly stand items from the shelf