Modular Display

As a bricks and mortar retailer, you know the challenges today's shopper is presenting to you. You need tools and methods to engage customers, so they shop not just once, but often. It's not easy in a world where consumers can buy anything they wish on their smartphones - and websites can change their stores at the click of a mouse. One technique available to you is to change displays often. Dynamic layouts, signage, featured merchandise and promotions keep interest levels high.

This can be impractical, or expensive though. There's a limit to time, people and money available to you. This is where Euroswift helps retailers like you. With modular and multi-purpose fittings and fixtures, you can reconfigure displays quickly from sets of components. It's a simple, efficient and economical way of highlighting your merchandise in many ways, so that customers return looking for something a little different. 


Available floor space offers many opportunities to create timely, relevant displays and to execute sequences of promotions.

DMX Display System For retailers changing merchandise often, the DMX Modular Display System is a foundation on which variable layouts and planagrams are possible. Read more about options for Queues, Floor and Wall Displays
Angled Wagon Stand alone units that can be moved. Wagons that fit together into larger displays as your requirements grow. And units that when not in use, can be flattened to save on storage. Change your offer frequently to keep customers eager.
Staging Modular platforms are economical and fast - and even simple to transport. Use Staging and Modular Tankers to feature your merchandise anytime, anywhere. Check out some clever examples where common retail dilemmas were solved


Get the shelf right to accelerate profits. There's tools to draw attention to specific items on the shelf. The right fittings can also reduce costs to maintain the most effective displays. Make your products easy to see and they become easy to buy.

 tiered riser Watch the video here, showing how one simple accessory brings items on the shelf into clear view of your customers. Simple solutions can be shifted from one shelf to another as your priorities and customer demands change.
roller divider Customers won't buy what they can't see. Consider auto-facing systems where product turnover is very high or merchandise relies on premium presentation. Manual facing systems are another economical and versatile option that slash shelf maintenance time.
Magnetic Dividers Organising your shelves makes shopping an easier activity for your customers - and the maintenance tasks are also simplified. This video demonstrates how an investment of under $20 and 2 minutes can transform your shelves.