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Screens are everywhere - retail, hospitality, health care, education, transport hubs. It can be difficult to find a public space without them! The ability to create dynamic, engaging content holds many advantages over the static, printed options of the past.


We noticed with many customers that even though visual content looks complex, it's often just a collection of photo or video files. This is simple to display. The challenge for many users is updating and scheduling content across one or many screens. We found some customers implementing complex, expensive and frustrating packages and others reduced to distributing USB sticks to multiple sites each week. Our customers were having trouble finding a manageable solution to schedule and display content across one or more screens - especially one without recurring monthly fees.

Euroswift has assembled a simple option that meets the needs of customers wanting the flexibility of digital display, without the drain on resources. This solution includes:

  • Philips Display Screen with built-in Android and WiFi connectivity - 3 year warranty for commercial use - choose from 32" through to 98" screens;
    • Or, use your existing screen and we will attach an android box
  • Android-based commercial signage content manager - see the demo video below
    • push content to remote screens via your browser
    • schedule content in advance
  • Low one-time licence fee - no monthly access or subscription charges

Euroswift's Digital Signage is ideal for

  • Retailers - change promotion and information screens at multiple sites from your central location in less than a minute;
  • Restaurants and cafes with menu boards - update pricing and menu items quickly, and promote new items;
  • Anyone managing signage across one or more locations with photo and video content

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