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OMNI Adaptive Tea Cup Set - Dalebrook

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The OMNI Adaptive Tea Cup Set includes both the Omni Tea Cup Drinking Aid and the matching non-slip saucer. Together, the easy placement aid provides a stable, self-righting platform.

Made from durable melamine this cup is lightweight, durable and cooler to the touch than porcelain. Secondary grip points and sensory handle means this has all of the functionality of a two handled cup or double grip beaker but with the style and dignity of a standard cup. The indent in the rim allows a straw to rest securely and the dome means the straw stays angled. Coloured handle options assists with location recognition and aids those with partial sight or other visual impairments.

To assist carers, the mug features discreet hydration markings on the inside. The ergonomic handle is perfect for those with arthritis, Parkinson's or struggle with grip or have limited mobility. Perfect for the elderly with dementia or alzheimers, OMNI encourages independence and dignity when drinking.

SKU's: T3810BLKIT (Blue Rim) T3810RKIT (Red Rim)

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