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HOW TO: 4 Collision Hot Spots in Your Store And Strategies to Save Them


Busy environments experience collisions every day. For retailers, this damage has a ripple effect. Parts of the store can become non-functional. Merchandise can be damaged. Repairs have to take place. 

While this is happening, customers are making judgments of your stores. Does this look like a place they want to shop? Is everything they need available?

Reducing damage in and around your store reduces repair costs and downtime. Your team is focused on customers, not fixing things. And customers enjoy a beautiful, accessible retail environment that you provide - and ultimately spend their money with you. 

Here are 4 key hot spots (plus a bonus one!) - and some simple strategies to reduce collision damage at your store. View the report below.

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Would you like to download a copy or share on your website? - Click through to SlideShare - 4 Retail Collision Hot Spots - And Strategies To Save Them from Steve Nelson


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