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Damage from collision and impact quickly becomes expensive. Working with leading Damage Prevention specialists from the USA, McCue Corporation, Euroswift covers two segments - 

RETAIL & PUBLIC ACCESS AREAS - we protect your stores from the retail floor to the storeroom and car park, and other high traffic areas such as hotels, hospitals, public transport hubs and airports

MATERIAL HANDLING - modern manufacturing and distribution facilities need advanced asset protection

Australian environments are typically robust - and McCue solutions are suited perfectly. Using premium materials, strong construction and intelligent design, these products are designed to handle repeated punishment. Here's an example of the type of testing we throw at these products


The DNA of the McCue range is retail, as they began protecting the retail floor in 1988. Proving a quick return on investment here, solutions spread quickly to the car park and storeroom, each of which presented similar problems and expenses. Now, over 80% of major US retailers entrust their asset protection to McCue products.

The natural progression was to then apply the same intelligence to earlier steps in the supply chain. McCue Total Warehouse Protection brings this expertise to warehouses, distribution centres, manufacturing floors - anywhere people and goods move at speed.

What Do We Protect?

A failing of more basic products is they act only as a fixed barrier. In protecting one thing, something else gets damaged. Here's an example - 

Bollard Damage

In this case, collision with a plate-mounted bollard has damaged not just the bollard, but also the concrete flooring. In contrast, McCue solutions consider all the following -

  1. Protection of the Key Asset - your starting point. What is the asset you're protecting?
  2. The Vehicle - what is causing the collision? A floor polisher on the retail floor. A forklift in the warehouse. A car in the parking area. Can we reduce or eliminate damage to these also?
  3. Mounting Surface - expensive tiled flooring, or a concrete slab? Both can be expensive repairs. Patented shock absorption technology spares you the repair, the inconvenience and the costs
  4. People - are people in the vicinity relying on the barrier for protection? 


Some of the standard McCue products are available in our online store for your convenience. To discuss solutions fitted to your site, contact the Euroswift Damage Prevention team.