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bumper rail protection for supermarket delicatessen refrigerator

How to Slash Supermarket Maintenance Costs

Do You Protect Your Retail Fixtures Assets? 

I drop my cellphone often. The $100 I've invested in a screen guard and case was wise. What do you protect? Insure your car? Wear a helmet to ride a bike, or play a sport? Sunscreen to avoid burnt skin? A little prevention is less painful, less inconvenient, less costly than the cure.

Retailers have many assets to protect and many repair and maintenance costs to avoid. Dollars start ring up as soon as someone with a toolbox walks in the door. The store has to look its finest to attract and retain customers, but money spent on repairs can be invested in other more constructive things in the business. Affordable prevention is important.

Refrigerators, checkouts, service counters, displays, doors and walls suffer expensive impact damage from trolleys, pallet jacks and floor polishers. There are several specific solutions for the areas most at risk of damage - corner guards and floor rail systems are examples of protection for expensive collision zones. For more general protection around your store, high quality bumpers reduce this damage.

prevent supermarket refrigerator damage

Why Bumper Rails for Retail Fixture Protection?

Properly applied bumpers around your store provide several benefits.

  1. Fixture lifespan increases - some users of our recommended McCue bumper rails found lifespan on some fixtures jumped from 1-2 years to 5-7 years. McCue rails are made from polycarbonate, unlike the more common PVC rails available, so these can absorb the heaviest of blows - check out the impact video here
  2. Store aesthetic is maintained - the best bumpers hide in plain sight. They do a boring job, but need not look dull. Look for rails with choice of design and colours that enhance the fixtures and match your branding.
  3. Maintenance, repair and replacement costs are slashed and less impact damage saves your operation time. Your store stays in prime operating state for longer. Choose your bumper carefully though - a well constructed bumper will not split to create hazardous sharp edges; a well-engineered one can be self-installed and replaced quickly.

A $30 investment today can save you $1000 tomorrow! 

supermarket display with mccue bumper rail protection

How Do I Install Protective Bumper Rails In My Store?

Look where collision damage occurs in your supermarket - the hot spots include refrigerator cases, checkouts, bakery and produce displays. Once you've chosen what to preserve, you have some options:

  1. Speak to your fixture manufacturers - they can build it directly into new equipment for you, as part of the standard specification
  2. Specify it with your store designer or architect
  3. Order directly from the local distributor

How Do I Compare Retail Protection Solutions? 

Access your free Bumper Buyer Checklist. It helps you compare market offerings and vendors to plan for adequate protection. Contact us for your copy or view and download it directly here.

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