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Dalebrook Kata Range

NEW: Kata - The Future of Food Display

Kata is the latest clever innovation in counter display from Dalebrook - but what makes it so different? 

The range itself is simple - 12 crocks made up of 4 gastronomic footprints in 3 heights (40, 70 and 100mm). This adds up to over 125 layout options! And here is where it gets clever...

Kata Crocks Turn Upside Down

Your Kata crock flips over to become an elevated platter - there's no need for extra risers here. The gastro footprints make it simple to arrange your layout - and now turning them gives you control of a third layout dimension. Ingenious, right?

Did we mention they stack as well? A 40mm stacks into a 70mm (or vice versa) to come to the same height as a 100mm piece. This means you can create a full display without having to fill the larger dishes. It's an effective way to reduce waste at the day's end. That lifts profits, of course!

Dalebrook Kata Layout

Melamine - the Smart Food Display Choice

Why choose melamine for your food counter or buffet? Here's a few things customers love about their Dalebrook Professional selection - 

  • Food Safe - melamine doesn't leach; it won't absorb or hide bacteria; it's dishwasher safe, so simple to clean
  • Lightweight, yet strong - no heavy bowls here - bending into display cases, your team doesn't want to be straining to lift heavy bowls. 
  • Durable - Shatterproof; Scratch Resistant; Stain Resistant - your investment in Dalebrook melamine is one for the longer term. 

When you match this up with the innovations that Dalebrook continues to bring to the table - and to the counter - you have a display that attracts customers to foods presented at their best.

Find a complete description of the Kata range here

Kata Sushi

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