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VIDEO Shelf Chaos to Clarity in 99 Seconds

How long does it take to fix a disorganised supermarket shelf, then restock, using shelf management fittings? Watch the video - I show you how it's calmly done using only one hand in 99 seconds!

Time saving like this - as much as an 80% reduction - directly translates into savings and increased productivity. Euroswift's Magnetic Dividers are perfect for supermarkets, convenience stores and pharmacies - or anywhere where metal shelving is used. Because no rails need to be fitted to anchor the dividers, there's no need to empty the shelf to fit it out - and when organisation is not required (for example, for much larger products), just take the dividers away - there's nothing stuck to the shelf.

Get more product information here or contact us to find out the options that will work best for you. 

Magnetic Divider Comparison

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