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unhygienic food tickets

Yuk! Let's solve this display problem in 24 hours

Do you have "home-made" price and information tags in a prepared or fresh food display? If they look like the laminated paper tickets that are all too common in food courts around Australia, they are probably trapping food particles or absorbing grease and water. Tickets like this are not washable and create a health risk. The good new is that this can be solved inexpensively and quickly.

Food Tag Comparison

Check out the contrasting examples above - one from a local food court and the other is what you could have in place in as little as 24 hours. 

What's to love about these printed display tickets?

  • Printed PVC - can be washed every day to maintain display hygiene
  • ISEGA certified for direct food contact
  • Capture the information you want - description, pricing, and even add your logo or branding
  • They look amazing - they don't detract from your food, and instead they attract customers

Our in-house print shop can create these as soon as we have your information. Alternatively, for users with many outlets, we can create your own print set-up so you can make tickets whenever you need them!

Some simple starter packages are shown below - or contact us today to find the ideal solution for you.

Euroswift Food Ticket Packages


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