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3-Angle Produce Display Wagon 

Produce Display Wagons from Euroswift enhance your Fruit & Vegetable presentation. The 3-Angled Wagon is an international top seller. Another Euroswift Modular System, you can create hundreds of custom display configurations from standard pieces.

Breaking News: Now Available with Genuine Wood Panel - First Photos Here

3-Angled Produce Display Wagon

The wagon creates a theatrical display of produce in your store. Easily adjusted, the configurations  help you showcase items and manage the amount of stock you want at the shelf.

3 Angled Wagon Setup 3-Angled Wagon Angles

Euroswift's unique Crossboard Panels are built into the unit - so you can then add Crossboard accessories - dividers, basket hooks, hooks, trays and risers. 

Contact us today for information on a custom configuration for your store. Consider also Euroswift's 2-Tier Wagon, utilising Nestable Product Crates

3-Angled Wagon Parts

  • Body Construction: Steel
  • Crossboard Construction: ABS
  •  Finish: Wood grain finish or Black Powdercoat
  • Castors: 75mm Rubber Swivel (includes 2 lockable)
  • Load capacity: 120kg