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Overhead signage offers category segmentation while maximising merchandising space. Euroswift offers some simple solutions

Convex Poster Profiles

Pelmet signage can be complex and expensive -and it doesn't have to be. The unique Euroswift Poster Profile is ingenious, offering several features:

  • Immediate mounting on metal surfaces with heavy duty magnetic strips
  • Dual purpose - mount for overhead signage, or invert for signage below eye level
  • Poster material protected behind a transparent PVC panel

Euroswift Convex Poster Profile Display Angles

Standard profiles are available in our online store in several standard lengths with magnetic attachment. Alternatively, contact us for creation of a custom attachment

Euroswift Convex Poster Profile


Header Board Grip Holder

The Header Board Grip Holder is used at eye level to communicate sub-categories. However, boards can be replaced in a couple of seconds, so it's common to see this holder used for general branding, interchanged with seasonal signage and promotions. The PVC profile can be supplied with magnetic or adhesive tape for attachment. It comes in a standard 500mm length, though can also be supplied in custom lengths and colours on request

Header Board Grip Holder Close Up

Header Board Grip Holder