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 There's no doubt about it - there are some signs that are magnets for cars, trucks and almost anything else on wheels. Other areas, try as you might to prevent accidental access by vehicles, people keep bumping into your big steel posts - knocking them over and tearing up your concrete in the process. There has to be a better way!


Working with our partner McCue, we've now brought these game-changing signs to Australia. Accidents become mere incidents now, as collisions are absorbed by the flexible core of the sign.

  • Shock absorbing core deflects in impact to protect assets of you and your customers
  • Simple, quick install with anchor system for concrete and asphalt
  • Paint-free molded polymer cover hides wear and scratches, requiring minimal maintenance

Put your own branding on the sign using a 45x30cm template and your parking area is transformed. Check out the video below showing wind testing 

Bumper Sign Impact


You know the story... someone hits a bollard, and the bill adds up quickly - bollard repairs, concrete repairs, labour, downtime. It gets monotonous. Flexcore Bollards reduce these headaches considerably, removing the need for repair in many instances. Installing these is simple - no holes to dig, concrete to pour, or poles to paint. Seriously.

flexcore bollard 
  • Patented energy absorbing design handles direct impacts
  • HDPE Shell rotates to deflect glancing blows
  • Installation is quick - protection is long-term


Already have bollards in place that look a little worse for wear? In the Australian climate, weather-beaten yellow posts are a standard part of the landscape - but they're not at all appealing. Our new Post and Bollard Covers, constructed from HDPE, may be the simplest solution for you. Get rid of the ugliness - as well as the constant maintenance.

Bollard Covers

  • Quick installation, slipping over existing steel bollards or posts
  • Hide rust and scratches
  • Maintenance free - no painting, repainting and scraping

Yellow is standard - and custom colours can be made at your request.