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4 Price Tag Tips for Butchers to Increase Counter Sales

Your price tickets are an important part of communicating information to your customer at the time they are making a buying decision. Here are four ways to make sure you get this important (and often overlooked) piece of your counter merchandising right.

Showcase Your Brand on your Price Ticket

Butcher Custom Price Tag Example


Take control of your labeling to make it consistent with your brand. Show your brand logo and highlight the information that complements the rest of your message. For example, if the source of the product is an important feature at your store, make this stand out. Are you selling premium product? Use an attractive, modern ticket that reflects this. What is it your business is known for? This is your brand and this is another opportunity to reinforce it with your clientele.

Food Safety and Display Hygiene is critical

More than ever, customers are noticing merchants that are taking extra steps to protect customers. All too often, we’ve seen beautiful service counters let down by sub-standard ticketing. A laminated card that can peel at the edge can trap food debris and absorb liquids. It doesn’t look great and customers can see it’s not something that can be washed properly. Use ticketing that is easy to clean, that will always look brand new and that is specifically for use with food.

Communicate Product Information for everyone

Butcher Price Ticket Front Butcher Price Ticket Back

When designed properly, your price ticketing gives customers the information they need to have, plus some facts they’d like to have. Don’t forget the back of the tag though, as you can use this to increase sales and make serving the customer easier. Some of the useful information that can go on the back of the card include –

  • Your stock or PLU code to make service quicker
  • Allergen information to share with the customer
  • Ideas of how to pair a piece of meat with a wine
  • Recipe or preparation suggestions

Food Labeling Compliance – and a little more

Your price ticket must contain the legislated product information. An important element you may need to include is country of origin information. Use the Australian Government’s Country of Origin Labeling Tool to generate the correct logo and statement to display. Unit pricing must also be displayed by retailers meeting certain criteria, which are explained in this ACCC guide. At the time of writing, a stand-alone butcher store would not normally be required to display unit pricing, but a butcher that is part of a supermarket that is over 1000 square metres would be required to display unit pricing. Also aim to provide extra information to hep your customer, such as allergens.

Watch the video on this page to see how butchers around the world are using an in-house tag printing solution. These businesses are using the Edikio Plastic Tag Printing solution, available in Australia from Euroswift. The tag solutions shown are perfect for the meat industry and the starter kits provide everything you need to print your own point of sale tickets in-house. These kits can be found here and contain –

  • Printers for single-sided or double-sided printing on plastic cards
  • Software to quickly create and print your own price tags
  • Food-safe PVC cards and printer ribbons

Euroswift Australia helps food service businesses present and display food beautifully, efficiently and safely. Contact our specialist team with ideas on how to update your counter display in ways that will increase your profits by lifting sales and reducing overheads; streamline the operation of your counter to give you back precious time during the busiest periods; and make it easier to exceed food hygiene requirements.

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