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euroswift dalebrook oxford platter

Watch Celebrity Chef bring the Oxford Platter to life

Steve Walpole recently visited Dalebrook's London Studio Kitchen to demonstrate how the new Oxford platters can be used as individual table settings in the most stylish of restaurants and hotels. 

One of this year's releases, the Oxford was designed as a sharing board and catering platter. Steve spotted the potential for these as dinnerware, with the granite effect tray a favourite choice. Scroll down to watch how you can do this too.

Dalebrook Oxford Platter Euroswift Australia

Dalebrook's 100% Melamine platters are designed for commercial use and many food service businesses enjoy the simplicity brought to their operation. Light weight takes the strain out of handling and durability reduces ongoing costs. 

What many don't realise is how premium melamine tableware enhances the dining experience. The material acts as an insulator - not a conductor like other crockery - so hot foods stay hot for longer. Remember that when you're serving a frozen dessert too, as these will melt less quickly. Combine this with so many beautiful effects and textures and you have the perfect setting for your menu.

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