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Euroswift Display Matrix System

DMX Launches Today!

Customers have been asking for ways to take out display costs, while increasing versatility to respond to opportunities and changes in the retail environment. Whether you're selling groceries, fashion, electronics or beauty products, today, a brilliant solution is here for you - DMX: Euroswift's Display Matrix System.

DMX Wall from Euroswift

So how does DMX work? Let's look at some quick highlights - 

  1. DMX is modular - working with a range of interchangeable poles and panels, you can build your base matrix. To this, you can then add accessories to hold and display products, or communicate information
  2. DMX is for all store areas - use the system to build temporary or permanent queueing areas, floor displays, endcaps, and wall displays. It will even work in troublesome areas, such as that inconvenient concrete column in the middle of your store.
  3. DMX is quick and simple - no need for installers, the team in-store can create a new display in minutes. 
  4. DMX is cost-effective - why keep buying new fixtures and furnishings? And why wait for them to arrive? Hold some extra poles, panels and accessories to create a brand new layout any time. Convert today's peghook display into a set of shelves for tomorrow. Extend your checkout area for this week's 24-hour sale, creating extra impulse buy opportunities.
  5. DMX keeps your customers interested - people will keep returning for new things. Simple rearrangements of the DMX system, to highlight different merchandise, constantly engage customers and will see them come through your doors more often.

You can already see how savvy retailers will quickly recoup their investment by increasing retail sales - not to mention the savings on furnishing a store. Contact us today to receive the brand new brochure explaining the system - and check out the video below to see some of the applications.  

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