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The 3 Steps to Building the Versatile Retail Queue

For the last 15 years, I've shopped at the same suburban shopping centre for general merchandise. Everything from the clothes on my back to Christmas gifts come from the same complex. Coffees, books, the odd lottery ticket, toys, luggage, electronics - you guessed it, the same place. It's a place I know very well and I spend many dollars there. And yet it's years since I last bought something on impulse from the queue. Why?

Every retailer understands the value of merchandising in the queue. It's the chance to get the final impulse buy, one last customer engagement before checkout. It's the "fries with that" of the retail floor and done right, it adds clear money on the bottom line. But have your customers like me? Have they become a little too familiar with your queue? If it's not changing often, they probably have.

Euroswift's DMX Display System helps retailers build queues that are more versatile and profitable, without the need to dedicate a lot of time to the area. Instead, there's 3 Simple Steps to follow.

  1. Create the Path
  2. Choose the Merchandise
  3. Modify and Accessorise

Let's look at that in more detail.

Create The Path

First step - set out the path you would like your customers to follow. Traditional queue fixtures are usually set in place and left. DMX is different. Bollards form the basis of the system - you lay these in the preferred path today, but then you can alter this path extremely quickly, by moving either the bollards themselves, or the direction of the linkages. Think of how queues work at the airport - if traffic flow changes, then the queue configuration is changed very quickly. As seen in Graphic A, you have some simple selections to make to get started.

Euroswift DMX System Step A 

Choose Your Merchandise

Next - what is it you wish to display today? Do you need to present vertically or horizontally? Are the items small or large? Rigid or not? Based on this, you can select from several ways of joining the bollards - vertical wall and grid presentations, or flat bench shelving. This is shown in Graphic B.

Euroswift DMX Step B

Modify & Accessorise

Finally, how do you wish to present these items? A range of accessories helps you display merchandise in the most attractive ways. Some of these are shown in Graphic C.

Euroswift DMX Step C

To your customers, the queue functions as normal - but when they come back tomorrow, there may be a brand new configuration, direction or method of display. Once engaged, your customers start increasing their spend in the queue and your day becomes more profitable.

To find out how you can increase sales from your queue - and other store areas - contact us here

Author profile

Steve Nelson believes in incredible retail spaces that sustain communities. Steve is a Retail Display specialist, who has worked with iconic retailers across the globe. As leader of Euroswift Retail Creations in Australia, his focus is delivering solutions and techniques that help retailers develop dexterity at the shop floor, to predict the needs of their local community and react rapidly. Connect with Steve on LinkedIn

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