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In busy retail areas, collisions can come from any direction. Euroswift looks at your retail space from every angle and creates your solution to protect your assets from damage. Whether it's the retail floor, storage and loading areas or the car park, we've got your back... your front and your sides too.

Euroswift Australia protection solutions from McCue USA improve the shopping experience by preventing damage to fixtures throughout the retail store, while remaining unobtrusive.

Check out the video below showing just some of our solutions in action, then read on to see the hot spots that demand special attention.


McCue Sales Area Rail


Your customers don't need a licence to drive a shopping trolley! And at nightime, floor buffers and pallet jacks can be fighting for quick passage. Rail systems are designed to deflect trolleys and absorb direct hits from heavy equipment, to keep your store pristine and running. Find out more here

McCue Bumper Rail


Sleek bumper protection looks so fantastic, it might be mistaken for decorative accenting. Beneath the beautiful aesthetic is polycarbonate, chosen for its superior impact performance - that's why bulletproof glass and riot shields are made from this material! Ecofriendly, these bumpers come in modular systems that install in minutes. See the full range here

McCue Corner Guard


It's almost a law of nature... corners attract shopping trolleys. Corner protection has all the angles covered - glancing blows are deflected and direct collisions absorbed. There are many design options available to suit your environment and our system is easily removed and replaced for cleaning. Read more here - including how one retailer saves millions of dollars per year

McCue Back Room Protection


At back of store, everything happens in double time. Large equipment moves quickly. Our back room solutions are built for the extra demands of a relentless environment: they install fast, protect comprehensively and require no maintenance. When your equipment is safe, your people are protected and your facility remains intact.