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Shopping Trolleys. Floor Polishers. Pallet Jacks. One small slip from any of these and you risk thousands of dollars in damage to display cases, refrigeration units, walls and more. Add damage costs of spoiled food and broken merchandise. Expensive... and avoidable.

Euroswift brings you an array of McCue solutions for every corner of your store so you can stop the continuing costs of repair and replacement. Guards for corners are installed easily and can be matched to your store decor and branding, with many choices of type, size and colour. 

One retailer started saving $2.7 Million every year once they protected their refrigerator corners - you can read their story here

Stainless Steel CornerGuard5


The Corner Guard protects cases from damage. It mounts right next to the case, eliminating trip hazards

  • Quick and secure install, using patented flange - no adhesives required
  • Removable simply with built-in wrench for floor cleaning
  • Stainless steel legs and strike plate
  • HDPE body

More information on ordering our Corner Guards is found here 

Standard Corner Guard 1 standard corner guard 2


Adjustable Stainless Steel Guards offer a brushed stainless aesthetic with outstanding strength. Rounded corners complete the sleek look.

  • Full stainless construction for maximum protection of your assets
  • Simple install with the patented twist and lock system
  • Adjusts to lock down to floor - but then easily removed for cleaning

Corner Guards can be ordered here 

Stainless Corner Guard 1Stainless Corner Guard 5


Are you expecting big hits from pallet jacks or floor polishers? The stainless steel flexible post is strong, without compromising on appearance. Flex technology absorbs impact, and the post remains perpendicular. With no need for base mounting plates, this provides both elite form and function.

FlexCore Posts are available to order here

  • Hidden flexible core absorbs blows
  • Easy and swift install with single high-strength concrete anchor mount
  • Available in two heights 
  • Zinc electropated steel finish available for back-room applications

FlexPost 1 Flexpost 2

Protecting exposed corners is an effective method to protect vulnerable equipment, fixtures and merchandise. Many retailers find this alone creates uninterrupted service to their customers, as well as the obvious reduction in repair and replacement costs. See how this forms part of a broader asset protection and damage prevention strategy here

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