VIDEO Are you protecting your security?

Security Sensors - EAS Gates - are considered a necessity by many retailers as they protect profits by restricting malicious loss. Is your security protected though?

Electronic Article Surveillance relies on the sensor gates being in good working order. One solid knock from a shopping trolley or a floor cleaner and you can find your security is no longer working. Even when the damage is not visible, the impact may affect the electronics. And how about that damage bill?

  • Cost of service call and repair
  • Cost of undetected theft

The Uniguard 150 has been designed with EAS gates in mind. Unobtrusive in its appearance, it's built to take frequent hits. Easily installed, it protects your protection and let's you get on with the business of serving your customers.

Show me a different look - what other corner protection designs are available?

McCue Uniguard

*Note - speak to your EAS provider to check the parameters for your particular system - some systems and configurations may require a minimum distance between the corner guard and antenna

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