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mccue greenguard 3

How retailers save fixtures from crazy shopping trolley drivers

With a couple of active children in tow and a busy Saturday morning crowd, who of us would have complete control over a loaded trolley? It's no surprise then, that trolleys are banging into many things throughout your store. Today's post looks how you can protect store furniture from these collisions.

Fruit and vegetable wagons and checkout counters are two areas most in danger of trolley collisions. They're designed for easy access to and from trolleys, which also makes them the perfect target! Many retailers worldwide protect a high and low perimeter with our McCue Greenguard 3 bumper rails.

McCue Greenguard 3 p6

There are several reasons why retailers choose the Greenguard 3 solution - 

  • Beautiful aesthetic - the elegant 76mm profile appears to be an accent to your fixtures, not just a functional necessity. The ribbed design hides scratches to maintain a fresh appearance. You can choose from several standard colours, or match your own corporate colours
  • Simplicity - the modular system consists of a mounting base, top rail and matching end and corner options, for an excellent fit across all store configurations. Components snap together and are guaranteed to align tightly, making installation a breeze, and quick
  • Strength - polycarbonate (PC) is made to take a hit - exceeding the impact performance of the commonly used PVC and ABS by 29% and 63% respectively. What's more, PC doesn't shrink - so fit remains tight and strength is maintained over time
  • Environmentally friendly - constructed from pre-consumer recycled material, Greenguard 3 is 100% recyclable and free from chlorine- protecting the environment as much as your store.

The best news of all? Because the modular design is so simple, it can be fitted as easily on existing fixtures as it can during store fitout. It can work for everyone! 

Euroswift supplies these and other McCue Retail Collision Protection Systems throughout Australia and is able to work directly with retailers and their design teams, as well as designated shopfitters. Contact our Store Protection team today to find out how well your fixtures could be protected.

Need to protect assets and equipment in the warehouse or DC? This video will show you how easy it can be.

mccue greenguard 3 fruit

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