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DMX FairPrice

ON LOCATION: Fair Price adopts Euroswift DMX Modular Queue Merchandising

Fair Price Singapore came to us with a common problem - a need to merchandise queues in a limited space, to encourage impulse sales at the supermarket checkout area. Our team was able to put in the DMX Slate (panel style), which fulfilled the criteria - 

  • Quick install - based on bollards and connectors, ease of install means no trading time is lost. System need only be assembled and placed in position
  • Small footprint - retail space is at a premium here. See from the images how little space is used to present so much merchandise
  • Flexibility - layouts and presentation can be changed quickly, with many accessory choices, so that the impulse offer can be kept fresh, engaging and profitable

Check out some of the new setup in the following pictures and contact our team to find out which DMX layouts are most effective in your own market

See more DMX Styles here 

Fairprice DMX1 Fairprice DMX 2 

Fairprice DMX 3 Fairprice DMX4



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