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NEW: Streamline - a whole new bumper series


Stronger, neater, smarter, better... constant improvement is a feature of the McCue Asset Protection suite. Today we can announce the latest exciting developments in the Bumper Rail category, with the introduction of the full Streamline Series into Australia. 

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Shown in the image above, the Streamline series is a set of 2-inch (50.8mm) bumper profiles. There are four Streamline products.

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The standard Streamline offering, this rigid polycarbonate profile has a new sleek look and can be easily customised in your choice of colour. It's a popular choice for protection of walls, counters, produce cases and display units. Installs on the standard PVC mounting base.



Flex is just like Streamline 2 - except it's flexible, to provide you with seamless application to curved surfaces. It's supplied in coils, rather than rigid lengths. Otherwise, it installs the same way, on PVC mounting base.



Sometimes a different feel is needed for a retail or commercial environment. Streamline Edge fits onto the same mounting base but offers a whole new look with a squarer feel. There's still a slight curve to keep the corners looking good, while the overall appearance feels modern and sharp.



The Stainless solution offers a whole new level of bumper protection. The classic look of steel is unmatched. The strength of a steel face is underpinned by a polycarbonate mount - this is designed to take some serious hits in its stride. Easy maintenance and maximum bumper protection, ideal for refrigerator cases, delicatessen counters and any fixture that demands superior protection and class.



There's several advances in the Streamline range. Your choices increase with an expanded selection that suits more environments and styles. Overall impact strength is improved. We're very excited that we now return more space to you, in areas where every millimetre matters. See the comparison below, to the Greenguard 2


With this expanded range, McCue Streamline Bumpers are an excellent solution to minimise repair and maintenance costs and extend the life of fixtures and furniture in many retail and commercial settings. All items are available to shopfitters and builders as components in your constructions. Contact our team to find out more 

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