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Raising the bar with in-store printing

In our last post, we considered how to execute “Retail Agility” at the shop floor. The speed of execution when close to the customer is critical and having versatile tools at hand helps you to take swift, appropriate actions.

When placing any piece of equipment into a store, it’s worth asking the question: “How do we use this to full benefit?” And there’s several benefits to consider, including:

Benefit to the customer

  • Can this improve your customer’s shopping experience?
  • Does this make your customer feel valued?
  • Can you save time that can be reallocated to serving your customer?

Benefit to the retailer

  • Can this help you sell more product?
  • Can this save you money and resource?
  • Does this help attract and/or retain customers?

Euroswift’s Retail Print Solution is being used by Agile Retailers to succeed in these areas. Primarily, we offer a printing package to create food-grade printed PVC tickets, the size of a credit card. These are ideal for use in delicatessens, bakeries, cafes, cheese displays – and also popular with florists and even hotel buffets. Messages are communicated clearly and attractively to customers; the format is controllable; and cleaning is simple and quick.

Yet having this solution available locally offers you options. Use a colour ribbon in your printer and suddenly you can create personalised customer loyalty cards and individual gift cards on the spot. How about Team Member cards with a current promotional message? Use your imagination and the possibilities for rapid and personalised local marketing become clear.

Retail Print Packages are available directly from Euroswift Australia – call us on +61 3 9763 9300 or contact us here

*Euroswift Australia also offers an in-house print service – contact us for details on having cards printed for you

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