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Selling Fresh Food? 4 Step Checklist to get Price Ticketing Right

Selling Fresh Food? 4 Step Checklist to get Price Ticketing Right

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Are you selling fresh food? There's some local laws here in Australia to follow - and the opportunity to sell more with attractive and informative presentation. Here's four simple tips to check.

1 - Is Your Ticketing Food Safe?

It seems obvious, yet is overlooked too frequently. Compliant ticketing should be certified for direct food contact, able to cope with moisture and refrigerated conditions. This applies to both the ticket itself and the printing type. Consider the type of fittings you're using to hold the price ticket as well - ones that are not going to shatter, potentially contaminating food. 

Still using risky laminated tickets in a food display? Solve your problem in 24 hours with a Starter Pack 

2 - Are You Presenting the Necessary Information?

Aside from Description and Price, there are local regulations applying to fresh foods. These differ based on the vendor - a supermarket delicatessen and a take-away food store may have different requirements, even if selling the same product. You may need to provide unit pricing, country of origin and even allergen information. Australia is transitioning over two years from July 1, 2016 to new food label laws around country of origin - read more about that here. Think beyond what is necessary too - use the back of your price ticket to provide additional information to your team so they can inform customers of other helpful information. *Star Tip - put some cross-sell information here too!

3 - Do things Move Quickly?

How quickly can you add or change a new price display? And then what maintenance is required? Tickets that need to be dismantled to be cleaned... stay away from them! Work with items that can be washed easily.

4 - Does it Look Amazing?

Set the bar high! Your beautiful food presentation should be enhanced by elegant ticketing. Don't let poor price presentation ruin your hard work. 

The Euroswift team specialises in price tag solutions for use with food. Check here to find out about our Ticket Print Shop or contact us to ask how we can help you set up your own in-store Print Solution.

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